Amanda Gorman performing ‘Chorus of the Captains’ at the 2021 Super Bowl

3 snapshots from Super Bowl 2021 ads

Klaudia Raczek
2 min readFeb 8, 2021



Remember the 22-year-old poet who charmed the world with her poem “The Hill We Climb” during Joe Biden’s inauguration? Yesterday during the SuperBowl she surprised again and softened, I suspect, more than just a crawfish shell. Her lines are fairly simple but full of concrete.

During the Super Bowl, there were fewer metaphors, more stories, and apotheosis for the pandemic’s everyday heroes. The great thing is that poetry emerged from the last bench or corner and once again touches not only a group of crazy people but millions. And Amanda is far from a quiet poet, who mumbles something quietly into a microphone and scowls at the audience. She is a proud performer.

Super Bowl poem:

Biden’s inauguration speech:


It takes a lot of humor and self-distance to record a song as a CEO for the Super Bowl. Without further ado, check out “Wow, No Cow” from #Oatlys, the oat milk brand:


#Reddit linked to a recent #GameStop story with a very plain ad that looks like a post on Reddit. Can you keep it simple and have the #copy be the core of the #ad? Yes, you can:

Has anything in particular caught your eye?



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