A screenshot from SodaStream campaign.

The Best Ads of the World. Winter 2020/21

Klaudia Raczek


There are things in the world that cause the exploding head. For example, a species of people that hang toilet paper ‘under’. Before the pandemic, some people didn’t wash their hands after leaving the toilet. Some cut the ends of bananas and don’t like tomatoes.

There is also this perverted kind of person who watches commercials out of curiosity and pleasure. It’s about me. You don’t have to watch everyone and everywhere. I collected the 6 best ads of this winter that impressed me the most.

If you have any of your picks that are not here, feel free to share it in the comment.

  1. SodaStream — The Small Things

Snoop Dogg. Praise of small pleasures and everyday life. Plastic reduction and water. Plenty of contrast. Nobody asked for it, but everyone needed it. Well written and implemented.

2. Burger King — #WhopperAndFriends

A well-known campaign carried out in many countries around the world. It was very well received and was copied many times by other brands. The proof that sometimes the strength lies in a simple message and that you do not need a phenomenal graphic layer, just copy is perfect.

3. Pure Sh*t — Something good has to come from 2020

However, the Pure Sh*t brand won in being witty in advertising. Everything here is… sticky.

4. Doc Morris — Take Care

Okay, advertisements with melancholy music, a small amount of words and the efforts of the weak, the elderly and the sick are usually touching. This one too.

5. Google — Year in Search 2020

Funny at times, most often touching. What were we looking for in 2020 on Google?

6. ALDI — The Real Surprise of Christmas

A series of films showing consumer testing and price-based quality assessment. The form is known and very secondary, but it simply works.

Do you have your favorites? ;-)



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